Industrial Display | Open frame | Total IP65 Monitor for rough industrial environments. The full product line form 5'' up to 55'' optional with resistive, capacitive or IR Touch.


Our rugged industrial Monitors can endure extreme temperatures, dusty air and excessive moisture. They run on 230-volt AC power and accept video input from many different sources. We offer screens with RCA composite, S-video, DVI or standard VGA input jacks.

You may order any industrial Monitor in a durable, handsome metal frame or choose an open-frame unit to install in an enclosure of your choice. This option proves desirable if you want to construct a kiosk, menu board, arcade game or interactive end cap.

To eliminate the need for a separate keypad, you can also choose a Display with touch-screen capabilities. Resistive and capacitive panels are available. This type of Monitor uses a USB or RS-232 serial interface to transmit touch commands to a computer.