Admost offers the full product line of Embedded Systems | Embedded Linux | Embedded DOS for rough industrial environments.


An embedded system is defined as an involved in technical context computer, which must meet specific requirements for size, cost and power consumption. Embedded systems are integrated into many everyday items (cars, household appliances, telephones, MP3 players, etc.) and perform unnoticed important tax, regulation and information-processing tasks. They have become indispensable. In industry Embedded systems are also used. The variety of application possibilities are almost unlimited, since the relationship between hardware and software is linked.
At Admost we offer a complete range of embedded systems. You have a choice of embedded DOS controllers to low-cost and efficient embedded Linux systems. The embedded devices are equipped with the ARM processor structure and can be individually programmed.
Our Embedded Linux are equipped with Ethernet LAN, RS485 / 422/232 and SD card port. We also offer embedded Linux systems with 5 inch to 12-inch touch displays.
If necessary, we will gladly comply with your individual project requirements. Contact us by phone or email and we can help with your projects.